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New Antibodies and Promotions

In rapid test tests for detecting malaria antigens, the most commonly used pLDH antibodies are 6c9 for conjugate and 19g7 for pan-malaria capture. For HRPII detection, the most commonly used antibodies are C1-13 for conjugate and PTL-3 for capture.Vista has spent considerable effort to develop and evaluate less expensive alternative antibodies. For example, clone 1201 is a very good alternative to 6c9, and clone 4300 in combination with 3h8 is an excellent true pan-malaria capture. For tests where P. vivax is to be identified, clones 3h8 and 1102 are more efficient and less expensive than clone 13h1.Vista has also identified four new antibodies that can be used for detection of falciparum HRPII. These are alternatives to the C1-13 and PTL-3 antibodies most commonly used for HRPII detection, and are less expensive while providing comparable sensitivity. Both the new anti-pLDH and anti-HRP-II antibodies and their application are shown below:

Please contact Vista Diagnostics International if you are interested in evaluating any of these new malaria antibodies. We will provide up to 5mg of each at our lowest pricing tier as a one-time promotion.

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