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Your Resource for Rapid Test Development

Rapid Diagnostic Test Development

Vista Diagnostics International (Vista) has over 20 years’ experience in developing lateral flow tests, particularly for infectious diseases. We offer sequential services that can be tailored to meet your specific needs in the most cost-effect manner.

Raw Materials and Equipment

Vista Laboratory Services, (a sister company of Vista Diagnostics International) is a distributor for malaria pLDH and HRPII antibodies, HBsAg antibodies, and a number of critical raw materials and equipment used to manufacture lateral flow rapid tests.

Training and Technology Transfer

We provide customized training based on your requirements, in the set up and use of equipment, production of colloidal gold and colloidal gold conjugates, new test development, or the complete manufacturing process for immunochromatographic (“Lateral Flow”).

New Antibodies and Promotions

In rapid test tests for detecting malaria antigens, the most commonly used pLDH antibodies are 6c9 for conjugate and 19g7 for pan-malaria capture. For HRPII detection, the most commonly used antibodies are C1-13 for conjugate and PTL-3 for capture.

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